This week I am mostly building PC’s . .

starting off with my MD’s from his home and while I’m doing it I’ve apparently got to show him how to install Windows XP, now this normally wouldn’t be a problem, however as it’s always hard to pin him down for anything at all, I think this is going to take alot longer then the usual Windows install.

I can just imagine it with me having start the install whenever he’s available to do it and to stop it whenever he needs to see someone about something else, so what would normally take a couple of hours or 1/2 day now were up to service pack 3 will probably take the whole fcuking week, I sometimes wonder if I’m being punished for a crime in a previous life and my penance is things like this.

Anyway I’ve got 2 other PC’s to set up as well. but at least with those two I can just use my Ghost disc and have them loaded in about 1hr . . so there are small mercy’s I suppose.

One thought on “This week I am mostly building PC’s . .

  1. from stuff you’ve said before Vince, sounds like your boss is really a nice patient kinda bleurk who is into his technology so this shouldn’t be a problem, so you won’t have to explain it all a million fcuking times and tell him why it does what it does.

    you know if it all goes tits he’ll blame you anyway, then again he might just realise how clever you really are and give you an even bigger bonus

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