The Pocklington Post – Blue might be in it :)

Just got off the phone with the rather nice sounding Charlotte in the Advertising Dept of one of the local papers back home the Pocklington Post, she has been kind enough to find out for me if a photo that was taken at Giant Bradley day of me and my dog Blue will be in this weeks copy, well she’s informed me that they do indeed have a copy of the photo, but depending on how column space they have available will depend on whether they use the picture or not.

Well here’s hoping they do as Blue’s a very pretty dog indeed and would be an excellent choice for a photo-spread in the paper, plus its all good press for the Cane Corso breed in general, so Charlotte if your reading I hope you use your obvious charm to persuade them to place her picture in the paper 🙂

Anyway either way I hope you remember to send a copy of the picture to my email address as promised, if not I shall ensure the next time I’m in Pocklington my beautiful but occasionally slobbery dog does her best to slobber over you

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