The National Grid Saga continues . .

As you may have seen from an earlier post, we had our gas cut off by National Grid while we were on holiday, they were installing new pipework in the street and to the adjoining houses.

Well after 4 days and me highlighting my blog post to the @nationalgriduk on twitter we finally had our gas restored and we submitted a complaint verbally via the man who rang me from National Grid.

Move forward 10 days, not had a reply from National Grid re: My complaint, also the hole they redug to reconnect us still not filled in . . so my girlfriend rings up and complains, still nobody contacts us.

Day 13/14 still nobody contacts us, so we ring them, get told they tried ringing us, but as our number won’t accept annoymous calls they can’t contact us, well how about you get a line manager to ring us on his mobile or surely you must have a line out of National Grid that does’nt annoymise your number.

Informed that someone called round on the 12/13 day to do the repairs but could’nt gain access to our ginnel because it was locked, well for a start as we’ve explained on numerous occasions to them we both work and the earliest anyone can be home is 3:00pm, and sorry but I am not unlocking the gate that leads to our back garden and leaving it open all day, because I can promise you this if someone robbed my house or my garden shed because we’d left the gate unlocked all day for National Grid to gain access I can’t see National Grid  paying out for anything that gets nicked can you . . .

So again explained that someone would be at home today from 3:00pm

Then informed that  Kate is dealing with it and she will contact me, and get the issue resolved, so left it at that, but also contacted @nationalgriduk by twitter again to ask them to contact me Re: The gentleman there dealing with my complaint

No answer from them on twitter until some 8hrs later .  apologising and saying someone would contact me today, however again no call back at work today from either Kate or @nationalgriduk , so ring them up tonight again to find out what the fcuk is going on . .

Get through to a girl on the phone, give her my name and my postcode and then informed that they dont have a Mr Elgey at my address, they have Mr Jennel listed for that address, so I explain again who I am and that I wish to speak to a Line Manager, asked to hold, so I hold, again told a Mr Jennel lives at my address, again explain that he does’nt . . .  I live there.

I start to explain all over again about all the issues and comedy moments I’ve had with National Grid over the past 18 days and finally get round to the bit about how they reconnected us, but still have’nt made good the repairs to our ginnel pavement, at this point the penny drops with both the girl on the phone and me, someone at National Grid has changed the name on my details from Mr Elgey to Mr Jennel (spelt ginnel).

Finally they start to listen to what I’m saying . . .  oh by the way they’ve still not got me a Line Manager, even though I requested to speak to one at leat 2-3 times during the conversation . .

I’m again told Kate will contact me and I again explain to them they can’t ring me because our line won’t take annoymous calls, and inform them to contact me at work or come after 3:00pm, explain that this is exactly what I told them yesterday and on previous calls and I find it extremely hard to beleive or trust that someone will actually contact me.

Girl goes over notes with me again and call ends on promises . .  and me just wasting another 30minutes of my life . .

I’ve also contacted @nationalgriduk on twitter again and vented my spleen so to speak with them and again been promised a call back tomorrow . .  they’ve said they’ll raise it with their complaints dept and someone will contact me . .  here hoping . . .

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2 thoughts on “The National Grid Saga continues . .

  1. i had a similar problem. i lost my mother who left me the house and i put it up for sale. i gave the neighbour my phone number if he needed to contact me. also the for sale sign had the agents number on it so they could have contacted me that way. i have sold the house now and just got a letter from my solicitor saying i have to pay 500 pounds to have gas reconnected as national grid disconnected it whilst upgrading pipework earlier in the year.

  2. I would be on the phone immediatly informing them that as they had disconnected it to upgrade the connection, they should also be reconnecting it after the upgrade.
    I would also get in contact with the citizens advice bureau about it, surely there must be some sort of level of service that British Gas must work to, i.e. if they disconnect a gas supply, surely they must inform the tenant/building owner that they are doing so and surely they must make every effort to reconnect the supply.

    I would have fought your solicitor would be questioning them on your behalf regarding this, please let me know how you get on/got on.

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