The Green Windmill – New Live Music Venue in Manchester

Well it would seem that the former Moulin pub/bar/club in Stretford is now the home of Manchesters newest Live Music Venue The Green Windmill

The Moulin re-opened under this new name on the 6th June, the new club will be showcasing the best in un-signed/signed artists and tribute bands, according to the blurb they will be playing music varying from Rock to Cool Acoustic & Retro Sounds.

As well as bands there gonna be bringing you sets from some of the top DJ’s in Manchester.

Its about time Stretford had something it can call its own so heres hoping it survives the first few months and grows into something big 🙂

I’ve not been myself (Will be going this Friday or Saturday) but a few friends have been and they’ve said its a pretty cool place and have recommended we visit, so reckon that we’ll be checking the place out and giving a little report on here.

For those of you who don’t know the clubs situated on the Chester Road side of the Stretford Arndale Shopping centre and is accessed via a door in the Arndales wall leading you up a set of stairs to the venue itself, once we’ve been I’ll take a few photo’s and sitck them on here so you can get a feel of the place yourselfs.

So watch this space for a 1st hand report in the meantime heres the band/dj listing for the next 2 months, also if anyone else has been feel free to leave a comment


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3 thoughts on “The Green Windmill – New Live Music Venue in Manchester

  1. I work at the Windmill and it’s great to see such a positive post! The reaction we’ve had has been awesome and I’m sure we’ll just keep getting bigger and better. Some great bands coming up soon, and some awesome signed bands you definitely wouldn’t expect to see in Stretford!!

  2. Hi Arran,

    thxs for the comment about the post, hoping as you say it just keeps getting bigger, will try and pop in one Friday and say hello, just not had the time to of recent, what with the real world making me busy.

    Also seems a friend of mine now works at the Windmill, only as a cleaner, but I think he may have ideas to try and get a more permanant bar role.

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