Starting to feel human again

Well after being awake now for 4hrs I’m starting to feel a little bit less rougher, my heads stopped pounding, nothings blurry anymore and I can actually remember my friends names.

Every one’s now made there way home and it’s just me, Mel and Blue chilling out, thanking god that we actually booked tomorrow of work :), last night was just gonna be 4 of us having a quiet one, then Ben arrived at 1:15am, closely followed by Debbie and Damian, with Chris, his missus and 2 friends, so by about 2:30am our lounge was heaving with people and random conversations, turned out to be quite a good night all in all, photo’s will be posted at some point over the next few day, but still not fully conversant with how to operate a computer with the remnants of last nights hangover inducing session, alcohol’s very bad for you especially if your not a big drinker, but it was fun 🙂

Anyway hope everyone else out there had a good one and spent New Years eve in good company, might post more later depends how I feel.

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