Sonos Play 1 . . my new toy to play with over Christmas


Taken me a while to try out  a Wireless Music System, but thanks to some early Christmas presents, I’m now the proud owner of my first Sonos components, the “Play 1” and its accompanying “Bridge” connector.

The Play 1 & Bridge connector came as a package that Sono’s are offering at the moment, think the idea it to get more people taking the wireless route, especially more so now with the proliferation of portable music players and people having vast collections of mp3 downloads.

For me it was the mp3’s that set me on the Sono’s route, I’ve probably got over 30,000-40,000 tracks ripped into iTunes and wanted to be able to play them throughout the house, rather than just in my comm’s room upstairs, and Sonos was the answer.

Anyway picked the devices up on Saturday & went about setting them up Sunday, took me about 15-20 mins to un-box, plug them into  the relevant router and mains sockets, then another 10-15 mins installing the Sonos control software on my PC and the control apps on the iPhone and iPad and finally point the Sonos at my iTunes library folder.

Once all that was done, just a case of choosing the tracks I wanted to play and Bob’s your uncle . .  there’s music streaming around the house and being honest the quality aint bad at all, no buffering on the wireless, no skiping, no nothing except uninterrupted music, all this is down to the Sonos using it own Wireless Network via the Bridge Connector, thus preventing lag that might have been caused if it had solely relied on using your own routers wireless connection.

I’m now on the look out for another Sonos Play, either the Play 1 or Play 3 or both, which I’m thinking Play 3 can go in the living room and move a Play 1 into the bedroom, then have another Play 1 in the living room, which in summer can be moved outside for BBQ’s etc, that’s the beauty of the Sono’s system, you can just keep adding to it, so eventually the house will have a Sonos’ speaker in every room :).

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