So where thinking of renaming Blue

It seems Blue thinks she’s the next Amy Whinehouse

She always seems to make these sounds when were driving the car through Chorlton, think its because she knows she’s going for a long walk with sausages at the end of it and is just very impatient and wants to get started before we even get there.

As you can see from previous post’s this blog has been hijacked by videos of our dog Blue, it may not be what everyone wants to here or see, but Blues become an integral part of my life in Manchester and as such deserves the space on here she’s given, so without further ado her’s another video of Blue, but better explain the circumstances behind it.
So there I was laid in on the bed just chilling thinking I fancied a packet of crisps, at this point Blue was asleep on the other bed, totally out of it, but as soon as I opened the packet . . faster then a speeding bullet Blue turned up

In other news it seems the Big Chill website is now back up, though it seems that the forum is still down though the hero that is Kris is doing his best to get it back up and running as we speak . .  GO KRIS GO KRIS GO !

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