So now we know . .

whats the matter with Blue, it’s given me a bit more time to concentrate on uploading some of the videos we took in Cornwall.

Up first there’s the village of Helford, somewhere one of Mel’s work mates told us to check out, Helford’s a small estuary village situated on the Lizard, its not very car friendly so you need to park your car at the top of the village and then take the winding road down to it, but once you do, get yourself to the local pub the Shipwrights for a nice Ploughmand and some of the localy brewed cider called Helfords

Next up is the place we called home for the week we were in Cornwall, this being Mullion Cove, its a very small harbour situated on the edge of the Lizard, there’s about 8 houses in total on the Cove and about 5 of these are rental, so you literally have the place to yourselves on a night time, its absolutely gorgeous at night, you can see the night sky unimpeded by street lamps, which make the whole night seem that much darker then in Manchester.
At times the sea can be quite rough, especially when theres a storm on the way and it’s still used regularly by local fisherman as a base to sail from

Hopefully I’ll get a few more videos up tomorrow night, but for the time being I need to start getting ready to go out as were taking Auntie Marge out for her birthday tonight and then its on to Damian and Debbie’s for Damians 30th, both should be fun, though don’t think we’ll be getting back from Damians until the early hours as this will most likely turn into an all-night-er 🙂

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