Saturday Night in Brixton

Finally recovered from my Saturday night drive to Brixton, interesting evening was had with The Unabombers Justin and Luke, always enjoy driving these two to a gig, interesting topics of conversation.

Anyway set off for Brixton around 7:30pm and arrived there 11:45pm, so a fairly quick drive down, the venue was the Prince of Wales or POWLondon to its friends and regulars.

The venue itself it a rather nice little pub, with rooms/club and terrace above the pub, a hell of a lot of room for punters to mingle and enjoy the place, the Una’s weren’t on till 2:am so had plenty of time to have a look around the place and be introduced to the organisers of the evenings gig Matt and Rob, very nice blokes indeed, both seemed to know what they were doing and what they liked, which is a bonus in any industry you work in.

Others on the night were Kelvin Andrews and Balearic Mike, again two very nice and genuine blokes, who the crowd definitely appreciated.

The crowd in general were made up of people who were either from Manchester now living in London or people who had previously been to Electrik Elephant Festival in Croatia, so they were all definitely up for it.

Justin and Luke got the crowd up and at it when they finally got to play and kept them dancing till 5:ooam when the venue staff eventually asked them to stop playing as they had homes to go to, it was at this point that I decided to go get the car and make sure that we all got back to Manchester safe and sound.

The drive back was a little hazy at some points, due to being awake for over 25hrs all without the aid of any stimulants apart from coffee, long gone are the days of illegal substances coursing through my bloodstream, to old and sensible for that now a days.

On another plus note I didn’t even smoke a single cigarette for the journey, which considering previous to taking Champix I’d have probably gone through a pack of 20 over the journey.

Anyway it was a good night, met some nice people and acquainted with a few others, looking forward to the next one already.

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