Phoenix update

Another update has been posted on the Facebook page of the veterinary Practice in Greece that first took in Phoenix the poor dog set on fire by Greek children for fun, as you can see, he’s looking a lot better and is getting the treatment he needs, thanks to his Guardian Angel Katrina, who I believe is a woman who saw his plight posted on Facebook, whoever and where ever you are Katrina “Thank You” for helping this poor little guy and finding a place in your heart for him.

Phoenix’s prognosis is still looking good and I’ll continue to follow the little guys progress, this is his latest update below:

Phoenix Update

Phoenix continues to receive treatment in Thessaloniki. He is in a lot of pain,but he is fighting it and we expect nothing but a full recovery,which will take time.We have been informed that in a fortnight or so he may be allowed to leave the hospital and continue his treatment until the time comes for the surgery he must undergo so he can regain full mobility in his hind joints.We look forward to his getting stronger every day and avoiding danger completely.

If you’d like to help other animals in Greece who suffer due to what appears to be poor or lax Animal Cruelty laws, I suggest that you write to your MP or directly to the Greek Embassy in London asking them what they as a country intend to do to prevent the continued abuse of all animals in Greece, if enough voices ask the question, maybe just maybe they might hear and start to act.

Another way you can help is by donating to the many Charities that try to help abused animals in Greece and around the world.



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