Phoenix Update 12th Oct 2014

Arta’s Animal Welfare Society have again provided an update on Phoenix the poor dog that was deliberately set on fire :

Update 12th Oct
 Phoenix is recovering nicely and photos are finally allowed.These were taken by Katerina during her visit yesterday.We are really proud of him and although he still has a long way to go we are ecstatic!Well done Phoenix!

They also provided some photo’s of poor Phoenix which can be seen below

As you can see from the photo’s Phoenix’s injuries cover a large area of his body and will need a lot of care and treatment to put right,  but this little dog is definitely a survivor and just won’t give up, which is pretty amazing considering what was done to him.

Even though we all hear of cruel acts perpetrated on animals everyday, it’s when you see the consequences of these mindless acts of animal cruelty that it really sinks in just how sick and twisted some people are, what makes Phoenix’s case much worse is that these were children.

What normal child would think its ok or think it’s even fun to set fire to an animal !

Unfortunately due to the children’s age, they can not be prosecuted and the Hellenic Police aren’t answering any questions as to what is going to happen or whether they’ve arrested the fourth perpetrator, the one who actually posted the video on his Facebook.


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