Phoenix Update – The Dog set on fire in Greece

At the end of Sept 2014 I posted about a dog that had been subjected to one of the worst cases of cruelty I’ve seen, this was a video of the dog being held, while petrol was poured over it, then set alight and then left to run away, while still on fire.

As mentioned in later posts the dog was thankfully found alive and had received treatment for its wound’s.  This poor wonderful dog was then adopted by a wonderful Greek woman called Katerina Tsertou, who took on the task of ensuring that Phoenix, as the dog had now been christened would receive all the help it needed in making a recovery.

It’s now been over 3 months since I last posted photo’s of Phoenix and these were of him at the Veterinary practice that had cared for him.

I’m now in touch with Katerina via Facebook and his has kindly allowed me permission to use some of the photo’s on her page of Phoenix and his progress.

As you can see from the photo’s, he’s slowly but surely getting better.

At present it seems that he must wear coverings over the scars that have been left by the burning petrol/fuel that was poured on him and a cone of shame to prevent him licking/touching the wounds, presume these are both needed to help him heal quicker.

As and when Katerina posts any new pictures or updates on his progress I’ll let you know.

Just so happy that this little guy has found a home where he can be loved and taken care of 🙂

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