Phantom Pregnancy time again

Seems our Cane Corso Blue is suffering from another phantom pregnancy again, this is less then 4 months since the 1st time she had one.

For those of you who’ve never experienced a dog having a phantom/false pregnancy here’s a brief description of what you’ve got to look forward to:

False pregnancy: The hormonal cycle of the bitch assumes that pregnancy has occurred after every cycle, whether or not a mating has taken place. She will therefore experience the physiological changes of pregnancy over the next 2 months. She will have an increase in progesterone production, milk production and an increase in appetite. She may even go into mild labour.

The caregiver may notice physical and emotional changes, particularly 8-9 weeks after her last season. She may exhibit a change in preferred diet to blander food, fluid retention, and a wish not to take her usual amount of exercise, and she may hoard toys and treat them as puppies. There may be restlessness, lack of appetite, panting, trembling, whining and nest-building at the time she would have given birth. There may be a degree of aggression to perceived threats. She will usually return to normal after 2-3 weeks, 48hrs after the birth would have occurred.

All of the above we ourselves have experienced with Blue on both occasions now, as we aren’t going to be breeding from Blue, we’ve contacted a vet to arrange an appointment to bring her in and get her checked over and then to discuss having her spayed, as this is the only real way we’ve been told we can avoid her having another one in the future.

For the time being though we’re just going to have to take care of our little Princess and make sure that she doesn’t get to stressed until the phantom/false pregnancy’s run its course

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