Paris Hilton . . it was bound to happen

Well what a surprise . . Paris Hilton released after only 5 days of a 45 day custodial sentence, mmm supposedly she’s been released due to medical reason’s, there saying she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so was it the fact that she was facing another 40 days in jail, probably not, I’m guessing she just could’nt cope with out her Blackberry or maybe she’d chipped a nail or something.

I’m actually begining to think maybe they televised her Jail Sentence on national TV and maybe she did a Big Brother and said the “N” word and Big Brother had to evict her, to be honest I’d prefer to watch Paris Hilton in jail as a reality show instead of the shite that is Big Brother, at least it would be more entertaining . .

Well enough about Paris Hilton and her get out of Jail free Card . . .  don’t know why I mentioned her tbh, just wanted to rant about it

One thought on “Paris Hilton . . it was bound to happen

  1. Hee Hee, Paris Hilton has lost her ”Get Out Of Jail” card. She is back in the slammer where she belongs to serve the rest of her sentence. Justice has prevailed.

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