Old Romantic that I am . .

I decided to get my lovely partner Melanie an early Christmas present . .

So what do you get the most important woman in your life after your mother :

Drum roll please . . . .


Karcher Window Vac

Yes she got the gift of her dreams the amazing “Karcher Window Vac” . .  what more could a modern woman want, some might say Diamonds, but not my beloved, all she asked for was the Window Vac, so didn’t want to disappoint her 🙂

No doubt while I’m typing this up, she’s probably at home vacuuming our dirty windows clean, oh and our kitchen and bathroom tiles, as its very good for that as well, so if your stuck for the last-minute Christmas present for your better half, get yourself to your local electrical store now and make her day.

In all seriousness though Melanie did really ask for one of these, so I couldn’t really say no, but you’ll be happy to know she has other present’s coming her way to.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you too get the present you asked for

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