Oh Blog I’ve been neglecting you of recent . . .

Well I better start by saying sorry and I’ll try to be here for you more, it’s just life gets so buys sometimes and I just dont have enough time to spending writing about the daily going’s on of Vince, Mel and Blue.

So a few things that have happened since last I posted . .

I blew my car engine up, well to be exact the timing chain broke and the resulting bits of metal associated with the chain obliterated my engine, which resulted in me having to spend in execss of £1900 getting a replacement engine put in, thankfully 6 months down the line the new engine seems to have settled in and alls well with the Beamer.

I’ve been on holiday to Pembrokeshire, where we took my mum along, been years since I’ve had a sort of family holiday and it was so nice spending time with my mum, she really enjoyed herself as well, loved the cottage we stayed in and loved the days out we had, while we were there I got the chance to play about with my new toy the GoPro HD Hero2, did a couple of videos that you’ll see below this post, the first is a time-lapse car journey from Broadhaven to Tenby and then a Panaramic Timelapse of Broadhaven beach, using nothing but the GoPro and a canabalised Egg Timer to get the panoramic view. hope you like.

Broadhaven to Tenby

Broadhaven Beach Panoramic

I was quite happy with the results of the beach and intend to try doing a few more Panoramic shoots of places we visit and seeing how they turn out, will post them up here once i do.

Anyway for now that really about it for this post, except to say I’m back . . .


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