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Its been well over a month since I last updated the blog, mainly due to just being to busy really, but hey that�s no excuse, how will my adoring public feel if I don�t update ! �They�ll feel betrayed thats what�
So I�d better update you all on the past months events.
To start I suppose I�d better tell you how the Big Chill went, it went extremely well indeed, we arrive on Thursday afternoon to a wonderful sunny scence, the place we normally camp had already been grabbed by someone else so we had to camp a bit more downhill this year(still camped at the quiet camping area though), once we�d set up we headed over to the Fat Tuesday bar for a few beers and to meet up with the Vickeron who was there working in the Body and Soul area(that was the only drink we managed to have with Chris as we kept missing each other due to no mobiles working at all there (good thing/bad thing).�� We also met up with Marc Everette who was VJ�ing for Buzz Rockwell and Laura B, both very good artists, whose set was defiantely enhanced by Marc�s set, he ended up crashing at ours at about 5am Saturday morning, we finally stirred about 11am and just spent the day wondering the site and eating adn drinking, headed over to the comedy sent on Sat night and watched Marcus Broadbent (I think) anyway he was well funny and would recommend him to anyone, after we�d pissed ourselves laughing at him we headed over to the media tent to watch Leggo Beast (Carl Hogarth was playing keyboards-he�s a mate as well). Anyway don�t want to ramble on to much, but to say the least we had a very very good time and are already saving for next year, so see you there.
Other things that have been/have happened:
1. We�ve been to a wedding
2. One of my computers blew up
3. I�ve seen all of Lost (Series 1)and am in the process d/ling Series 2
4. I had a tooth removed(Ohhh the pain)
5. I�m now the proud owner of a Apple Mac (G4 Powerbook)
6. I�ve visited me my mum.
7. I�ve been sailing on Lake Coniston.
8. I�ve eaten mussels with Marni & Paul.
9. I�ve admired Carls special edition Paul Newman Scalectrix car.
10. I�m in the process of converting some analogue movies to DVD�
And thats about it really for the past couple of months, oh except soon you�ll see an Elgey Family tree on this site produced by a gentleman call Chris Glass from Ruislip, will let you know when it�s finally up and running.

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