MOT Time again

Well just spent an afternoon at National Tyres and Autocare Centre having my car put through its MOT . .  the result of which was a £310 bill 🙁

Seems that I’ve been driving around on a front drivers wheel that the mechanics were surprised hadn’t collapsed on me, seems it had been damaged by either a curb or by a pothole and had a dent in it the size of my fist, along with quite a few fracture lines, they reckoned if that had gone on the motorway at any sort of speeds over 60mph, I’d have been either dead or in hospital.
So after ringing round a couple of BMW breakers yards i knew of, I found a wheel at Openshaw, managed to pick one up for £45, so put the skinny on the front and drove across there and picked it up, returned to National and 1hr later they’d fitted it along with a new Brake Pad set and Discs, so that all that added up with the original MOT totaled £320, thank fully I had the money available, otherwise I’d of been without a car till the end of the month.

Pretty scarey thinking about it now, as I’d been to my mothers in Yorkshire just 2 weeks ago, so just imagining if the wheel had collapsed at any point on theat 160mile round trp and it would have been not only me in hospital, but Mel to, and most likely Blue at the Vet’s, this has now got me into the mindset of always checking my tyres and rims before I get in the car, something which I think everyone should do, cause believe me 5 minutes walking around your car in a morning before heading to work is a lot less fuss then dying . . .

Anyway that’s most of my Saturday gone and most of my spending money, but hey i’m alive  . .

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