Marble Valley at the Irish Club

That’s where I was last night, watching Carl, James, Remkr, Steve, Beige and the rest of the band playing a storming set to the local populance of Chorlton, they got on stage around 11:00pm I think and played till around 1:00am or there abouts

Seemed everyone there was definately enjoying Marble Valley and making the most of the night, even saw Paul Heaton from the Beautiful South (House Martins) there, bumped into him in the toilets having a piss, no the best place to meet a renowned singer/songwriter I admit, but its at a gig so as good a place as any I suppose, seems he was there to give Beige and the rest of the band some support.

Also bumped into another guy from Hull who now lives in Manchester, thought I recognised him to  be honest and said something to him, and he knew who I was straight away recognised me from the Spiders days. god that was years ago, least 20 odd, anyway got his number and may give him a call at some point.

Anyway here’s a few photos from the night, got a video to upload to YouTube at some point

Marble Valley's James and Carl

After watching them play headed off to a house party somewhere down Kemple road until the early hours, went there with Sophie, Zoe, Dave and Kimberley, Kimberley helps run/does run a pretty nice site that’s Chorlton centric, lets people know everything about Chorlton and the surrounding areas, check it out for all the info on Chorlton its called the Big Notice Board

Anyway its getting late now so better head off to bed, but will post some more photo’s tomorrow hopefully of how we spent today in the sun

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