Kynance Cove – Timelapse

So while we were on our holidays earlier this month I messed about with the Astro-Motion Control and created a number of Time-lapse movies, I’ve already posted one of Mullion Cove sunset and here’s another of another Cove nearby called Kynance.

We have been holidaying at Mullion Cove on and off for about 7 years and Kynance is just a short 4 mile walk away along the coastline heading towards the Lizard Point and we’d never ventured there before, to be honest we’d never even heard of it until some people we met at the UpInYourGrill event told us about it.

All I can say is thank to them for letting us know, it’s an absolute gem of of a Cove with a beautiful little beach and clear, warm waters in Summer/Autumn to swim in, we spent about 2hrs there soaking up the sun and watching the visitors to the beach enjoy Cornwall at its best.

For those interested I used the following to create the time Lapse

Panasonic Lumix G3

Panasonic Fish-Eye Lense

Astro-Motion Control


The time-lapse took about 1-2hrs with 1-2 second intervals between each shot, these were then joined together into a short movie with iStopmotion

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