Karens Leaving :(

Bit of a gap between now and my last post I’m afraid, just not had the chance or inclination to type anything up, anyways now I have better fill you in on the events of thes past few weeks.

Well I’ve been to Jase and Jo’s in Nottingham to help Jo celebrate her 30th B-day which was fun,
Other things that have happened, well we’ve finally got the garden sorted though we’re still not 100% happy with it, mainly due to the gardener/bullshitter who’s done the work on it, but we just wanted rid of him so we said we were happy.� Also we’ve now found someone who can install the boiler for our central heating which will be extremely nice, ohh warm mornings in bed now that will be sweet.��� On the work front have finally persuaded the boss that it might be a good idea to upgrade from NT4 to Win2k3 on the fileserver especially as its no longer supported after x-mas 2004, on sad news we’re losing Karen Brooks our Commercial Manager, not always seen eye to eye with Karen, but have managed to shelve our differences and get on in the whole, plus we share the same b-day which was nice(meant more cakes).

Other news one of the pictures i submitted to the BBC Collective website is being displayed in Gallery 2 which can be found here my pictures no 72.

Lets hope I win the competition then I can spend �150 on a nice printer for my camera.

Anyway time I got back to work as lunch break is nearly over, until the next time TTFN

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