Inheritance Emails – another Phishing scam

So this morning I received the following email

Subject: Awaiting your response.

We are authorized by the court to process an inheritance which your name has

been listed in a deceased client’s Last Will and Testaments. We shall require you to provide your necessary information to allow you be registered for this claim.

Details on the process will be sent to you on your prompt response.

Thank you.

Craig Sephton QC

Deans Court Chambers

24 St. John Street

Manchester M3 4DF

DX: 718155 Manchester 3

As you can see it was informing me that apparently I’m named in someone’s inheritance and that I should contact a QC called Craig Sephton at Deans Court Chambers, now you know me, I’m the suspicious type when it comes to emails like this, so after a bit of digging behind the scenes i.e. the raw data that an emails made up of, I noticed that the reply address was actually “” , now that does’nt look at all like the address that you’d expect a QC to use, anyway after googling the address I came across quite a few pages listing other scams/phishing emails that have been sent from this address.

As you can see this guys been pretty busy on the email scamming front.

So if it sounds to good to be true it usually is, always check any suspicious emails details on the net first, see if anyone else has had one and like me posted about it, google the senders email address/details and most importantly never give any personnel details to anyone you don’t know.


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