Had the iPad 2 over a week now

and I’m liking it  a lot, it’s giving me a chance to catch up on TV’s series i’ve downloaded, but never seemed to previously had time to watch, now I just stick them on the iPad and when ever i’ve got a few spare minutes I just watch them there and then.

Also liking the fact that I can read my papers on them and not have the house fill up with old newspapers all over the place, plus its saving trees 🙂 as for apps I’ve seen a few that I like and am in the process of evaluating/learning my way round and will at some point let you all know what I think of them, at the moment I’m playing alot with DJay a set of turntables and mixing decks for the iPad, its pretty neat and its teaching me a few things about beats . .

Anyway it’s late and got some TV to watch so more later

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