Goodbye VW :( Hello BMW :)

Well its been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so here I am updating it now.
Its been an eventful past few months here in Manchester, as you can see from my last post I had someone rear-end my Golf, which is sadly no more, it languishs somewhere in a scrapyard waiting to be stripped of all its useful parts, so at least someone else’s Golf will have a chance of survival.
I’ve now gone a bit upmarket with my replacement car, I’ve got a BMW 318i Tourer now, which I must say is a very nice car to drive compared to the Golf, I think I’ve been converted from VW’s to BMW’s now. Other things that have happened since my last post:
1. Me and Mel have booked 2 holidays for next year March were going to Goa for 2 weeks and in October we’ve a week in Morroco (can’t wait)
2. Bought our tickets for the Big Chill in August (again can’t wait)
3. Been to see Lemon Jelly and the Chemicals Brothers gig’s(not at the same time though)
4. Had a work colleague join me in the IT Dept at work, he’s moved over from Purchasing(so he’s bound to have lots of IT experience!)

5. And finally we lost 2 of our rats, they passed away respectively in January and March, we miss you Badger and Bodger . .
Anyway thats the main things that have happened since last we spoke, apart from Marni’s 35th B-day at the weekend which was a laugh, it was held at her sisters gaff in the Avenues in Hull, was a rather splendid do I can tell you, there was some decks, a number of rather large
speakers in the garden, some very good DJ’s a rather natty Jazz pianist in the house as well playing some rather good pieces, but most importantly there was alot of people/friends I had’nt seen in a while, it was sort of like an episode of “This is Your Life”, saw people from my young days at Spiders and some from The Room, though could’nt remember all there names, which was a little bit embarrassing I must say, but turns out some of them could’nt remember mine either !, and there was me thinking I had made an impression on them 🙁
It was good to see Marni and Paul again and good to see Solly, it was even better that they had something that resembled a bed for us to sleep on this time, as after the episode with the sofa bed last time my back would have killed me if it’ had been that again. Also good to see Cath and Phil, they’ve done a really good job on the house and garden(quite jealous am i), and I throughly enjoyed seeing Katherine Dobson (Dobba) again, she looks younger everytime I see her, nrly did’nt recognise her though as she’s got rid of the dreads and now has a bleached crop job, suits her as well.
Got to see Bobby as well and heard another story about him which was totally new to me, he’s a Legend in his own right is Bobby, also met a nice couple called Gary and Ally, chatted to them most of the night actually, probably bored em silly as we were rabbiting on quite alot for some reason(well I know the reason but can’t say on here).
Anyway we left the party at 5am Sunday morning, slept for a while, had brekkie with Marni and Paul then headed back to Manchester for some much earned sleep, still tired now believe it or not. Anyway look forward to the next party. Oh nrly forgot saw Kev as well, Hello Kev . . . oh and Dobba I will ring you. so there you ahve the past few months, will now try and keep updating this Blog more often.

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