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Installed a new app on my iPhone a while back called Eyeem, which is a photo editing a sharing app, it lets me take pictures and enhance them before sharing them via Eyeem’s own website , email or via one of the usual Social networks such as Flickr, Tumblr & everyone’s favourite Facebook.

Now since installing it way back when, I’ve not really revisited the app, until that is I heard about something they’ve added to it called “Market Place”, it’s somewhere the users of the app can submit pictures they’ve taken to Eyeem’s own Market Place for sale, now these images that are uploaded or added to the market place can be sold either for editorial or commercial purposes & when they are you and Eyeem spilt the sale 50/50, I would of preferred 70/30, but hey I’m not the one setting up the Market Place.

So you submit your photo’s see if they are accepted, if they are then it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for someone to buy them, if you do sell any that’s not bad for the few minutes it took to add them, so now you just sit back and wait for the money to hopefully start rolling in 😉

There is another part of the Market Place that interested me and that was Eyeem’s collaboration with Getty Images, whereby any images added to the Market Place have the chance of being selected for the Eyeem Collection at Getty, again it’s another place to see your photo’s hopefully sell under licence.

I’ve already started adding images to the Market Place and already have about 65 up for sale, but even better I’ve also had 4 of my pictures selected for the Eyeem Collection at Getty Images, which for an amateur photographer like myself that’s made me very happy, it’s also let the subject of the photo’s Lola know that any sales made from these images will help fund the rescue she came from, as I intend to donate 1/2 of the money received to them.

Anyway below are the images that will soon be available for sale.

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