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Decided to treat myself to a new Camera mount for the car on payday, I’ve had a few car mounts and they’ve all worked fairly well, but none of them have been quite strong enough to hold a DSLR, so after a bit of googling and review reading, I settled on a bad boy called the Delkin Fat Gecko.

The Fat Gecko quite a nice bit of kit, it’s a dual suction device that has the ability to hold weights upto 8lb, at this point I’ll let Delkin’s own advertisement spiel take over, as they explain it much better than me

 Adventure-seekers, commercial photographers and amateur filmmakers alike will appreciate the versatility of Delkin Devices’ DIMA 2010 award-winning Fat Gecko Original Suction Cup Camera Mount. A solid steel shaft, powerful vise grip, and rugged construction keep your digital device secure and stationary for hands-free use in the most extreme situations. This sturdy camera mount uses two suction cups and a universal 1/4”-20 tripod mounting screw to attach to any solid surface, ensuring zero damage or slippage at its base.

This universal mount is ideal for SLR, video, compact, and tripod head digital cameras, but is compatible with virtually any device or model up to 8 pounds. With its 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation, the Fat Gecko Gator enables photographers to achieve any shooting angle desired while in motion! Obtain flawless footage from your heavier, more advanced camera while attached to the windshield of a vehicle or aircraft, boat or any other smooth surface. Four adjustable joints and an optional extension shaft allow you to customize the perfect shot. Fully functional and manufactured with superior quality, this device is a must-have for all photography enthusiasts.

I’ve already used the Gecko twice now on the car, the first time was with a Canon PowerShot SX200IS attached to it, I mounted the Gecko and the camera onto the drivers door panel of my BMW and angled the camera backwards and upwards to cover the area of the drivers side rear passenger door window.

The Reasons behind this strange positioning was down to wanting to know what everyone else see’s as they pass our car and see our Cane Corso Blue hung out of the window having her face and ears blasted by the wind, after viewing the resultant footage I can now understand why everyone seems to smile when they see Blue, see for yourself

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  1. Well if you need a new job tou can ce a camera man for the BBB
    at salford now TV center is almost closed


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