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So every couple of months I get an email from those lovely people at Skint records touting there wares and every so often they have a little competiton to win stuff, so everytime there is one I have a go and enter it and I got and email back just a few moments ago to tell me I’ve just won 2 guestlist places for this

Be upstanding for the legendary X Press 2!!!
Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle have become world famous as the trio that make up X-Press 2 and to help celebrate the launch of their Best Of Collection titled Raise your Hands the guys are dropping by to do what they do best and DJ for 6 hours for the Gallery at Ministry of Sound. Combining 3 mixers, 6 decks and a myriad of EFX and quality tunage the boys are always sure fire winners with crowds across the globe and the Ministry of Sound and Gallery are the natural hosts for the London leg of the tour. The trio have been dishing up Balearic house, progressive, disco and pop house since the early nineties often employing male vocalists such as David Byrne (‘Lazy’) and The Music’s Rob Byrne (‘Kill 100’) and Kurt Wagner (‘Give It’) on their biggest singles. Raise your Hands lifts its title from the Sole Fusion sample used on their second single ‘London X-Press’ and the collection includes their four big singles from 2002’s crossover album Muzikum, three cuts from follow up Makeshift Feelgood as well as early singles on Junior Boys Own. The collection also comes with a second remix disc including big X-Press 2 re-rubs by Carl Craig, Freeform Five and Superchumbo as well as X-Press 2’s remix of ‘Star69’ by Fatboy Slim and The Gallery faithful will no doubt be treated to a bevy or original and remixes throughout the six hours. In short… this is the London Album Launch Party and it’s gonna be one unmissable event!!

We’re giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets for this party (3 pairs available to first 3 correct answers out of the email hat)

But heres the sad bit of news I can’t fcuking get there because Mrs HP’s dad’s staying with us and although I’d love to say sorry future father in law but you know how I said I’d take ya out for a beer on Friday, well tough I’m going to London town for a bit of a laugh and a crack . . I cant cause then I’d have me rations reduced by Mrs HP, so at the moment I’m just trying to get hold of a mate in London to see if he can go instead.

4 comps I’ve entered with Skint records and 4 times I’ve won some guest pass or other and 4 fcuking times somethings come up to prevent me going . .

How unlucky am I

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