Counting the days

till my holidays in april . .  thanks to Will’s and Kate I’m having an extended break away from work and only using about 6 days holidays to have 2 weeks away from work, which is pretty neat them getting married around a normal Bank Holiday, thus giving us an extra day off, thank to both of you 🙂

So where are we heading your asking . .  Well our first week shall be spent in St Leonards on Sea nr Hastings Sussex and the following week will be spent in the lovely Wales nr Snowdonia, somewhere I’ve wanted to go to for quite a while, lots of nice green countryside and local pubs for me, Mel and Blue to enjoy 🙂

Will make sure I take lots of lovely pictures to share with you all.

In other news we had a Manager leave work a couple of weeks ago headed for better and brighter things, gonna miss Andy, he was a pretty decent guy, someone you could chat to not just as a Manager, but also as a friend, he’s helped me god knows how many times when I’ve had dilema’s at work that I needed to talk through, such a shame he was put in a situation where he had to leave or be unhappy, also had someone from Purchasing leave after only being there for less than 6 months, but he to seems to have had enough of the workplace also, maybe one day I might have the balls myself to go looking for somewhere else to work, but it’s hard getting the nerve and will power to look for other jobs when your morals at such a low ebb.
So for now I’ll just have to bite the bullet and press on and see what the year brings . . .

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