Christmas in Market Weighton

I’m now back in Market Weighton for Christmas, arrived back here Saturday night and here now till probably Boxing Day, just see how its goes.

Went out on Saturday night to the Half Moon and the Londesborough Arms for a couple of beers, bumped into a few faces I had’nt seen in a while which was nice, saw my nephew Dean, had a few beers with him, then come closing time got an invite back to Nikki Eades with Kate as well, sat and chatted and caught up on all the gossip of whats been going on in Market Weighton since I was last here, eventually left in the early hours and headed back to my mum’s and Blue.

Sunday was just spent in bed recovering from the excess’s of Saturday night, though I did manage a walk down the old railway line to give Blue her exercise, she seems to like it when we come back here, lots of fields for her to run around in and rabbits to chase, much better the chasing footballers and joggers on the field near us.

As for today, I’ve managed to pop through to Beverley and buy mum a present from me, Mel and Blue, think she’ll like it, its a travel kit for painting watercolours, something that she can take on holiday with her and maybe get some painting in, thankfully mums not on the internet yet so me telling you all on here won’t spoil her surprise 🙂

Anyway I’m now sat In Bradleys a Coffee Bar in Weighton which thankfully has internet access otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to update my blog, while I’ve been sat here had a friends parents come over and say hello, had a chat about what we’ve all been doing and it seems Phil there eldest is doing quite well for himself now, he’s a DJ, he’s doing a gig in Berlin over christmas and apparently he’s been signed to Sony, which is pretty amazing, whats evven more amazing is he’s only got one arm, lost the other in a bike crash quite a bit ago, so Phil if your reading this, well done mate, he goes by the name of Phil Fusion.

Gonna shoot off now and try and upload some pictures to my Flickr account, so speak later and have a good Christmas whoever and wherever you are

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