Can’t seem to post from Flickr anymore

Don’t know what’s happened, but for some reason I can’t post images from my Flickr Account to any of my blogs anymore . . .

All of the Flickr links were working Sunday/Monday, but on Tuesday when I tried to post, just got a message saying something along the lines of “Your Post did not work/something went wrong”. Tried to post to my other 2 wordpress hosted sites via flickr and got the same sort of message.

Eventually decided to delete all the linked blogs from Twitter and attempted to link them up again, but now I just get a “The endpoint you entered was not correct.” message every time I try to connect one of the blogs, posted in the flickr forums about it, but all the suggestions I get back don’t work, I’ve also posted a support ticket to GoDaddy technical support, just in case its been caused by my hosting migration to another webserver.

So now it’s a waiting game to see who comes back to me first and with hopefully a solution

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