Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue Website – Refreshed

As you know if you read the blog, we recently adopted a Cane Corso called Lola from the Cane Corso UK & Molosser Rescue

Lola Pallola

Lola Pallola

We came across the Rescue via it’s website 

The website hadn’t been refreshed for a while and I thought it looked a little dated and wasn’t overly user and mobile friendly, though this wasn’t the rescue’s fault, it just wasn’t the biggest priority, there main concern is helping the dog’s that come through the rescue first and foremost.

So after visiting Lola at the rescue for the 2nd time I asked Lulu the rescue’s owner if she’d let me have a go at updating the website and making it more user and mobile friendly, she said yes 🙂

Well between the arrival of Christmas and Lulu’s busy schedule at the rescue it was a few month’s before I could actually get the content and the website in place, but yesterday I finally got all the pieces togeather and the website is now live, hopefully with the addition of a few extra pages and more content the website will hopefully get more visitors and more donations.


Rescue Website Refresh

If you’d like to visit the Rescue’s Website it can be found here, have a look and let me know what you think, hey and while your there don’t forget to use the Donate PayPal button & give the rescue a helping hand.

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