Blues had her identity stolen . . .

Yes believe it or not our Cane Corso Blue has had her identity stolen, well sort of . . let me explain :

A Cane Corso forum I’m a member of has a section on dogs for sale which details any adverts on the net that are spotted by forum members for any Cane Corso or Cane Corso X ? for sale, anyway while browsing this section of the forum I came across an advert for 6 Blue Cane Corso puppies for sale, 2 x dog and 4 x bitch, alongside this advert were some pictures of Cane Corso, 2 fully grown and 1 puppy, now you would assume these were the one of the 6 puppies and the dog and bitch they were bred from. nothing wrong with that you’d assume, but that’s where the problem was, it seems that the mother of these puppies in the photograph looked awfully familiar and the guy in the hat whose should the mother had her head rested on looked even more familiar.

Here let me show you a screen shoot of the advert in question

Who is that good looking fellow with the good looking Cane Corso

Who is that good looking fellow with the good looking Cane Corso

Now take a look at this photo from a set on my Flickr page of our Cane Corso Blue

Me and Blue in the car

Me and Blue in the car

Notice anything familiar about the photo in the advert and the photo from my flickr set . . .

Yes they are indeed the same photo and considering Blue’s not had any puppies and I aren’t selling any Cane Corso puppies for anyone, it would appear that someone’s stolen Blues identity to try and sell some puppies.

Now as this photo is listed on Flickr as having All rights reserved © i.e. it can not be used without my express permission, it would appear someone stole it from Flickr and used it illegally on the freeadds website.

So I contacted Freeadd explaining all of the above and they have now kindly removed the picture and the advert from there site, they’ve also sent me an email informing me that there moderators will be keeping an eye out for similar adverts, I’ve now emailed them back that I believe the advert to be something similar to the Nigerian Scam emails i.e. they try to sell you something and ask for the money up front, either that or its some other sort of scam.

So as you can see Blue has indeed been the victim of identity theft for profit, so if dogs are’nt safe from it what make you think you are !

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7 thoughts on “Blues had her identity stolen . . .

  1. Also they cannot spell in the advert, Can Corso – shouldn’t it be spelt Cane Corso – Cane with an “E” on the end… Makes you think it is a Nigerien Scammer!!!! Well I am glad that you were able to get the advert taken off and it looks like the number you contact for the seller is one of those 50p – £1 a minute calls!!!!
    Which site is it Vince ? I know Dave now trawls the internet site looking for lovebirds and one of the sites he looks at is the 070 numbers which he does not contact due to the high cost of the calls. Glad you were able to get Blue her identity back.

  2. Hi all, I am not a nigerian scammer lol, and I CAN spell, seems like it was a typo, Iknow how to spell cane corsa 😀 … it was I that posted that ad, i was not aware that i was stealing an identity, I just couldn’t upload actual pictures of my pups for some reason, so I aplogise again as I did to you on the phone mr, hat man in the pic, I wish you would’ve also put a comment here stating that you have spoken to me, any how I DO have pups for homing, there are only 3 girls left so if anyone is interested my email is (yes almost :D, am I allowed to display my email here???) thankyou in kind.

  3. Hi Sophie, nice to see you dropped by my blog, and yes you are indeed right I should have posted that I’d spoken to you, so now my turn to apologise.

    It is indeed as the lady says she explained to me that she’d used the pictures of Blue as she couldn’t upload pictures of the pups she was selling and she is indeed not a Nigerian scammer, which I thought at the time (this was before I’d managed to ring you Sophie)

    I’veblanked your email address in your comment, only because I do not wish to advertise Cane Corso for sale on my blog, no offence

    Good luck with finding homes for the puppies and hope now you know where we are you pop by again to see the adventures of Blue and her dad 🙂

  4. Hey chucky egg,

    Oh my goodness, that is so cheeky, just goes to show tho that your Cane Corso is so much cuter, so take it as a complimnent, x

  5. Dont think it’s cheeky soph, i just couldn’t upload pictures of my own thats all, although i am seriously considering keeping all three of them, the longer I have them the less I want to rehome them, their eyes are amazing. sorry to “advertise” vince I wasn’t sure if I was allowed, but thanks anyway mate, i’ll be dropping by form time to time, take care.

  6. I totally agree with the points you have mentioned above. By the way your dog is so beautiful. I love Cane Corso breed very much! Thank you for sharing this information.

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