Best 2 weeks ever

That’s what I’ve had & I can’t really tell the Internet why, but it’s all down to something my dad did many years ago, because of his forethought I’m a more happy man today.

Me & Harold as he liked to be called weren’t the best example of father & son the world has produced, there were many times after rows I wished he wasn’t my father & he probably thought the same about me as his son, but in later years after I’d moved to Manchester we seemed to get on a little bit better, though this time of more fatherly/son relationship didn’t last long, not because we argued again or fell out, but because that nasty little shit called cancer came a calling.

It’s because of cancer my dad never got to meet my partner Melanie or got to see the house I bought, never got to congratulate me on sticking in a job for more than 3 yrs. I sometimes wonder how much farther we’d have got in getting to know each other again, there’s many things I’d have liked to ask my dad over the years that have passed, about his time in the army or what it was like growing up on a barge, these questions will now remain unanswered.

What I do know about my dad is that he really cared about all of us, my mum, my sisters & me, these past 2 weeks have proved that, so where ever you are dad I just want to says thanks and I really do wish that last year, we’d only been able to have more time together.

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