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after having a couple of days sick recovering from a nasty cough/cold/sneezing thingamajig and I wish I’d not bothered as I’m still feeling like shit on a stick and not even getting one little piece of sympathy from any of my work colleagues who seem to think it’s my own fault for going to a festival and camping in a field for 3 day’s . . . well let me tell you something . . Its not my fault its the bloody weathers fault, if it hadn’t rained I wouldn’t have got soaking wet and then I wouldn’t have gotten a cold, its not like I said oh I’m going to get wet so I can catch a miserable cold is it ?

Maybe I should just have a dig back when they come from there sunny holidays abroad all sunburnt and stuff and tell them its there own fault for sitting out in the sun and see what they say . . at least with the sun you want to sit outside and soak it up, unlike the rain where you actually try to avoid it if you can.

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