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Well that was a pretty good Saturday night in Manchester, a friend managed to get me on the Guest List for FAÇ 51 : THE HAÇIENDA at the Albert Hall

DJ’s on the night were :


What an amazing venue the Albert Hall is, here’s a little bit about its origins and history from it’s Wiki page :



The Albert Hall is located in Peter Street, Manchester, England. It was built as the Methodist Central Hall in 1910. Since it closed for this purpose it has been used for a variety. The hall has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building.[1] The Chapel Hall – unused since 1969 – was renovated in 2012–13 for music concerts.[2]

The Albert Hall was designed in eclectic style with Baroque and Gothic elements for the Wesleyan Mission in 1910. A meeting hall is located on the first floor, with a horseshoe gallery, sloping floor and coloured glass rooflights. The finely detailed terracotta is formed into large windows at gallery level, and the interior is abundant in floral decoration in the plaster work and glazed tiles.[3][4]

The Albert Hall is no longer used as a Methodist meeting place. Approximately 100 Methodist halls were constructed across the United Kingdom from 1886 to 1945, now only 16 remain as Methodist meeting places.[5] The lower two floors were converted to a nightclub during the 1990s which was called Brannigans but closed in 2011.[6] The hall has been refurbished and was re-opened in 2013 by Trof, a local independent bar and live music company.

If you’ve never been in the place, go now, check it out before it changes to much, it’s such an amazing place to hold gig’s, with its main floor area downstairs and then the massive balcony surrounding the main floor and reaching right round to the stage area.

You could not have picked a better place to hold a party like the one on Saturday night, the place was packed with clubber’s like myself and our group who attended the original Hacienda and a mass of today’s younger clubber’s all “aving it large” as they say.

I did take a camera with me, but unfortunately the pictures aren’t amazing, probably due the copious amounts of Brandy I drank and the hot and sweaty atmosphere that was generated by about 3,000 dancing clubbers (See below)

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Think I’ll be visiting this place again at some point, as would love to explore it a bit more than I did on Saturday, so I’ll be closely watching what gig’s are coming up in the near future.

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