A year with Blue . . .

Go away I’m sleeping
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Seems it’s now been just over a year since we got Blue and its been a fun year, this rather large dog has certainly won us over with her flippy floppy ears and her grumpy/sad/happy face.

We’ve got fitter because of Blue, what with those morning and evening walks and the Saturday and Sunday strolls round Ivy Green and Sale Water Park, we’ve also met lots of new people because of Blue, she seems to attract strangers with her playdoh features face and her chilled disposition(never met such a chilled laid back dog).

We’ve still had no luck finding out which kennels/breeder Blue came from, still only know it was in Essex somewhere around abouts the 24th May 4 years ago, it’s a shame really as we’d love to know which Corso family she belongs to 🙁

I’ve had fun over the past 12 months filming Blue and her antics and look forward to filming more of this wonderful dog, she’s a natural for the camera, be it video or still and I hope you enjoy seeing her little movies on here as much as we enjoy making them.

Anyway its early in the morning and Blue’s sat here giving me that “Dad when are we going for a walk look” so I suppose I’d best get her lead and get some exercise.

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