The Boys are back in town

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While I was back in Yorkshire at the weekend went to Ashley Godbers 40th birthday at Beverley Race Course along with Jase and Nev.

The evening was a pretty good one, saw a few people from my years knocking around Nellies such as Nicky, Fiona to name a few, had a few drinks round some of our old Beverley haunts like Nellies, Corner House, Green Dragon and tried a few new pplaces that have sprung up. but the highlight of the evening had to be after we’d dropped Nev off at home and were making our way towards Jase’s parents house in Sutton.

What was the highlight ?
Well we decided to pop by Spiders NiteClub and say hello to any of the original doorstaff who might still be working there (in this case all of them), after saying hello and catching up we were allowed in for free to have a wonder about the place and boy has it changed, they’ve opened up lots of new spaces for people to get pissed and congregate in, but the real highlight was seeing Roger in his usaul spot in the main corridor of Spiders all done up for Halloween . .

Roger if your reading this don’t ever change 🙂

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